A walk on MacMasters Beach

For Australians, as a loyal Commonwealth realm, the queen’s birthday is a public holiday. The date was chosen independently from the actual monarch’s birthday (April, 21th for Elizabeth II). Originally because of a higher change of good weather conditions in the Northern Hemisphere for outdoor ceremonies. Most of the states celebrate it on the second Monday of June. Just Western Australia and Queensland handle it differently. WA prefers to celebrate their Western Australian Day (formerly known as Foundation Day) also in June. QL march to a different drummer by abusing the public holiday (since 2016) for a long weekend that coincides with the AFL and NRL grand finals in October.

However that may be I got the opportunity to accompanied a bunch of lovely people to MacMasters Beach, 1.5 hours north from Sydney. They rented a full house close to the water surrounded by a quiet and peaceful flora and fauna. It was a good place to hang out and relax, concentrating only on the primary needs like food, sleep and entertainment.

One day we went for a walk at the beach.

These two pictures show the same stone.

Another day I went on my own for a little walk to a little beach named “little beach”. The forces of nature were impressive.

Portuguese man o’ war, blue bottle jellyfish or floating terror. Multiple names for the same party pooper.