The Essentials of Lentils

***To see the final results and the full story, I recommend to have a look at my portfolio first.***

Luckily, besides a lot of documentation photos, there were also some mobil phone videos taken. And of course I also couldn’t resist to (sometimes) hit the record button instead of the shutter release by myself.

For everybody who want to reminisce or is interested in the music that was playing during the photo shooting, here is the 1.5hours set.

After the first posters for Lentils Sydney were finalized, I went to Melbourne to present the project there. Ken and his team from Lentils Thornbury were excited to hear about the posters and immediately wanted to have a “Melbourne version” to exhibit at their 2nd birthday.

They also were interested in my story and how it all started. Thanks to Giorgia Boitano for the detailed article!

During the photo shooting I was lucky to meet Kyle, who accidentally stumbled into the room. He had a bunch of fresh printed T-Shirts in the back of his car and asked me if we could take photos of them. No sooner said than done.

Have a look at Adam’s Apple Creation and especially the Wild Animals With Attitude T-Shirt Collection! I’m proud that I could support him on and his young business!

Here is the list of participants, supporters and magical faeries, who helped the project to become reality:

Thank you…
Nicole – For your all-time motivating words, your contacts and Lentils’ network, your support in good and in bad times, your welcoming smile each day, your creative input and last but not least your openness in general! From the early stage (first as a video project) until now you gave me the confidence and assistance, whenever I needed it.

Lentil as Anything Newtown can consider themself lucky, to have such an innovative and strong-minded person in their team! You rock!

Ken – For distributing and publishing the series around Melbourne and promoting my story of the project on the page. Such a warm welcome was really a good feedback to my work.

Samantha – For your creative input from the early conceptual phase until the end of the photo shooting, your fearless model search and bringing valuable contacts into the project, your limitless thirst for action and being next to me all the time!
I wish you the best for your movie project and that your zeal for enhancement never run dry!

Ana – For your spontaneous and inexhaustible helping hands, advices and being a reliable support!
Mucha suerte con el inglés y espero q nos vemos otra vez en algún momento!

Tristan and Nicole – For the creative copywriting support. Your native english phrasings gave the project the final polish!

Steve, Vanessa and Nicole – For the early conceptual wording and motif search

The Make-up-Artist-Team (Daniel, Jonah, Anna and Brooke) – For making our models even more prettier and working so efficiently and independently next to me. A special thank to Daniel for providing additional MUAs for the time you weren’t there.
Matt and Ana (and others) – For the documentation photos of the project.

The models (grouped by and in order of the photo motif shot list):
Gale, Michiotajiri, Jana, Mitchell, Terrence, Alicia, Anni, Dennis, Emma, Giorgia, Jessica, Krikor, Kyle, Nicole, Paul, Samantha, Vanessa, Jesse, Cam, Connor, Sophia, Thomas, Dai, Deniz, Diva, Sage, Annika, Paul, Sterlin, Eyal, Isaac, Shelley, Tristan, the empty room upstairs, Nara, Vanessa, Barbara, Monique, Patrick, Sherryle, Keanu, Sophia, Annie, Kathryn, Saskia, Dirk, Issy, Emma, Georgia, Janet, Patrick, Martin

Simon – For the generous photo equipment donation to the project and Lentils! Without it the photos wouldn’t be in this professional quality!

The Red Cross Second Hand Shop on King St – For lending a big bag of clothes for the garage sale motif

My mother and my brother – For supporting me with warm words from 15.000km away.

Photos from Lentils Sydney.

Photos from Lentils Thornbury.

*** To see the final results and the full story have a look at my portfolio.***