about Bucht der Träumer
This festival was founded in 2017, while Fusion was on holidays. Because of it’s very special location directly at the big and beautiful Helene lake and it’s unique familiar atmosphere (only 6000 guests), it was sold out every year.

about the project
Our light-installation was located right at the entrance between camping area and festival site. So every single guest had to pass this point every night. The concept was to create a giant coil (4.5m high) that charges the guests with excitement. Fortunately there was not much else around, so that the spot was quite dark at night. Like a lighthouse between trees, the coil was visible from far away.

Bucht der Träumer Festival


my role
concept & technical realization

collaboration & support
Andrés Escobar, Lennart Wiedicke, Diego Ahogado


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