about the client
Belyntic is one of Berlin’s young and innovative start-ups. They developed a new method to purify peptides more efficiently. This is revolutionary for the development of new medicine since this is currently still a cost-, time- and material-intensive procedure.

about the project

In the first job we gave Belyntic a look. The second briefing was about finding the right communication strategy for a young start up that wants to challenge the old established companies in the chemical industry. With innovation as a key element and a tongue-in-cheek tone of voice, Belyntic wants to find its own voice that stands out loud and clear from the conventional brands in the industry.
That’s how we came up with the claim: “Belyntic. Changing the Tide in Peptides.”
Every innovation, needs an easy to understand introduction to the market. The innovative character of the marketing strategy is reflected in various media.
Website: The key improvement was the website. From a simple one-pager to an easy-to-use and well-designed website with lots of new and flexible content.
Image film: In order to be perceived as a young, innovative company, it was important to break with the classic forms of image videos in the natural sciences sector. We wanted to communicate clear facts but also entertain the viewer.
User manual: Every new product needs an easy to understand user manual. And a video offers the greatest possible flexibility and accessibility.

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Andrés Escobar
Teresa Guggenberger

my role
art direction, filming and editing,
website concept and project manager

1°°°°°°°°°° Belyntic Image Video – Changing the Tide in Peptides

°2°°°°°°°°° Belyntic PEC Explanation Video (User Manual)