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about the community
Lentil as Anything is a not-for-profit restaurant run by volunteers. Most people first get to know their “pay as you feel” pricing concept, but there is a lot more to appreciate about the organisation. With a “welcoming for everybody” policy and a community space available for workshops and events, its community role has become more and more important. Since the year 2000 Lentils spread national-wide and with its 4 restaurants more than 1500 meals are provided daily.

about the project
When I started volunteering, I had the insight that most of the guests are not aware of the variety of possibilities at Lentils. That’s why I initiated the Essentials of Lentils Project. The goals were to promote volunteers as “heroes”, educate people about the diverse philosophy of Lentils and encourage them to join the community. The photo shooting took place in the community space and all models are actually part of the community.
The results were printed as posters and postcards and were distributed around Sydney and Melbourne. Together with a social media campaign at the same time, the idea was to raise peoples attention and awareness.
It was a project with and for the community and I was pleased to receive so much support throughout the project. The series is timeless and could be used anywhere in the future.

the project in numbers
7 days of photo shooting, 53 models, 20+ vegetable or meal models, 1300+ photos taken by main camera, 600+ behind the scenes photos from others, countless hours of post production, duration from the first idea to the 16 final posters: less than 2 months

after the project
Currently the series are hanging in Newtown/Sydney and Thornbury/Melbourne.
The story of my project was published in an article at lentilasanything.com.
More making-of photos can be seen in my blog post here.

the community of Lentil as Anything

Newtown, Sydney, Australia

my role
initiator, concept, art director, photographer and design

Nicole, Samantha, Ana and Martin

documentation photo credits
Ana Reinero, Matt, Giorgia, Martin and others