how it all started
It all began in 2016 with a few beers in a bar, when Andrés and I decided to celebrate the end of our twenties with a three-day festival. We took up the challenge and planned every little detail, including a program and a festival website. To document the progress we invented a fantasy story of two gringos, who searched for a place to celebrate their reunion. The plot was, of course, full of analogies to our ups and downs during the planning.

what it is today
With the second, more serious, edition in 2018 we see ourselves now as a platform to connect artists from all areas and give our guests new inspiration for their daily life. All according to our motto: “From friends for friends”.

One highlight was our opening ceremony with a premiere of a new collaboration between the band M O D U S and a choreography of the contemporary dance company TiN.

somewhere in Brandenburg, Germany

Andrés Escobar and 19 further crew members

my role
overall organisation and coordination with lots of love in all sorts of areas

video and photo credits
Guillaume Bartho, Jonathan Jehle, Joel Arias and many more

Official Aftermovie 2018

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