The abandoned house

What remains in a shared house, when everybody had left?

The abandoned house on King St showed what coexisted in a crowded place all the time, having no value to anybody and also seemed to belong to nobody. Things like functional or preloved furniture left behind that melded over years into the interior decoration or a half full bottle of soy sauce from 2001 which became a placeholder for an apparently richly filled kitchen.

Because of special circumstances all seven renters decided to stop paying rent at the same time. To get their bond back, they stayed in the house for another two weeks. What happened after was a collective moving out.

But actually not all of them left at the end of the two weeks. A few extended their stay and “prepared” the shared house to get dissolved by selling and giving away as much of the interior as possible.

After some attempts on Gumtree and with garage sales in front of the house it was still not empty.

These photos were taken a few days before the last renter left the house.

Shortly after the place got visited by its owner and everything took its course again.