Great Barrier Reef – Under the surface

This is the result of one dive with a small compact camera. Here you see first some raw pictures directly from the camera.

Location: GBR – Saxon Reef

The cover photo already revealed that well hidden behind a heavy cyan color cast were a few more color information. Together with my friend Photoshop and some patience the pictures got back to what I originally saw… almost. Unfortunately the absence of red was sometimes to much, that’s why some pictures got quite white instead. Anyway I’m a little bit proud of myself for the complicated editing.

A triggerfish trying to eat corals.

The sea cucumber not only looks like a giant snail, it is also as slow as their dry lands relatives. The perfect photo model!


A white tail reef shark, fortunately not interested in humans.

My best buddies Raphaela and Niclas, a couple from the south of Germany. Together we made the reef dangerous :D.

Another type of a lovely sea cucumber.

Dive time: 40min.
Depth: 18,2m
Temp air: 27°C
Temp water: 28°C

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