West Coast – Upcycling the past

World Heritage-listed Fremantle Prison was built in the 1850s with the first convicts occupying it in 1855, all the way up until 1991. The women’s division of the prison is now the Fremantle Prison YHA.

Port Gregory Convict Hiring Station

The only remaining convict hiring depot from the 1980s… or what is left from it. Seems like a popular spot to perpetuate themselves.

The signs reveal the short history of this place. The conditions in this area were ruthless and after several prisoners died, the depot was closed and the people moved back to the next city.

The one mile wooden jetty near Carnarvon together with a museum of the local industry.

The town of cue is located right in the centre of the outback. Once an important gold mining area and also known for its sporting culture, has now just a couple of hundred inhabitants left. They struggled with a constant water supply for years and is now more like a heritage site. Fun fact: Cue had a yacht club.

Besides many other buildings the bank of Cue is also for sale. Wanna own a bank?

Germany surrenders

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