New Zealand – Why I felt in love with

It was one of these magical moments, when I suddenly realized (again) how beautiful it is around me. I was driving in the car down south, curve after curve, when I had this enlightenment. Small hill after small hill with sunset behind, all covered in orange. I could continue. I knew it’s now or never in my life! I turned around to get to that sweet spot from before. My eyes wide open, my mind silent, everything was still when I got out of the car. Second expanded to minutes. Breathing was my only movement for some time. Sheer beauty.

With difficulties to concentrate on my camera and clumsy fingers I took a couple of pictures of the scenery. But true beauty can’t be captured by images. It’s more than eyes can see, ears can hear and noses can smell. True beauty is under the skin, someone told me once. I put the camera aside and did what I should do more often. Just feel the moment. Without judging, without thinking. Just feel.

That’s when I felt in love with New Zealand. The nature, the culture, the mentality… such a good feeling.