My approach

As a videographer and motion designer with a special preference for telling the real story, I have been supporting and encouraging life-affirming people and businesses for more than seven years now.
Moreover I see myself as a sustainable designer and a responsible human on planet earth. Since every little bit helps, I live and work with the obligation to prevent waste, produce resource-friendly and support sustainable solutions. That means precisely collaborating with responsible printing companies, encouraging the use of recyclable/reusable materials, traveling CO2 neutral to clients and using electricity from renewable energy sources.

Selected clients

♦ Storymachine (Berlin, DE)
♦ Dimah (Ostfildern, DE)
♦ Blocher Partner (Stuttgart, DE)
♦ Lentil As Anything (Sydney, AU)
♦ Belyntic (Berlin, DE)
♦ Sacred Earth (Auckland, NZ)
♦ GeoMon (Frankfurt, DE)
♦ Vodafone (Berlin, DE & Brussels, BE)
♦ TRIAD China (Shanghai, CN)
♦ re:publica (Berlin, DE)

Main skills

♦ Storytelling/Information design
♦ Art Director/Design Concept 2+3D
♦ Videographer/Photographer
♦ 2+3D Animation/Editing
♦ Graphic Design/Print Media


♦ Adobe Collection (After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign)
♦ Cinema 4D
♦ Resolume, Modul8 and Madmapper
♦ Canon, Panasonic and Sony camera systems
♦ Hensel Studio Flash
♦ Screen print, bookbinding, cutting plotter

Why “visual walkabout”?

After some years as a fixed employee with a daily routine, I felt the need to throw myself into a new stage of life. I went to Australia and started working freelance. As a tribute to the aboriginal culture I called it a “visual” walkabout, which means to survive on my own out in a foreign land. Even if that includes working with the font Comic Sans.
After a successful year down under, I am now continuing globally.

Big projects?

I can count on an international network of talented creatives to team up with.
So let’s have a talk and we will work it out!


For new projects, inquiries or collaborations: