New Zealand – By kayak for the sake of variety

For the last highlight of our trip in NZ we chose a different perspective. Exploring the area of the Marlborough Sounds by kayak sounded like fun. The reality of three days kayaking turned out to be slightly different. The arm muscles started to be felt after a long first day of paddling against the wind and didn’t get better during the following days. But it was awesome anyways and we saw a lot of wildlife and had all campsite completely for our own.

Some of you might think that I tweaked the saturation of some pictures, but believe me the colours of the water were like this!

We made friends with dozens of rays

A dolphin fin?

On our way back to the ferry in Picton we had two little stops on the way.

One was a sawmill and the other one a film location from Lord of the Rings. I didn’t recognised the river as a scenery but maybe that’s a good reason to watch them all again.

The ferry brought us back to Wellington which was the last stop for me. I had to catch my flight back to Sydney but it wasn’t easy to leave the country. The impressive Maori culture that is still alive and practiced in our days, the stunning and mostly untouched nature, the mentality of the ever-friendly Kiwis and many more things, which I will definitely keep well in memory. In the two and a half months I could spent here in NZ, it became my most favourite country in the world!

He pai pai!
E hiahia ana matou kia kite ano ia matou!

Good bye for now!
We’ll see us again!