Car-free holidays in Melbourne

city, photography

Or “holidays from holidays”.

After seen uncountable incredible beautiful beaches and almost infinite hours of crystal clear waterfall water running down my body, it was time to get on a plane and see something completely different.

Melbourne seem to be a good opportunity, also because people say it’s the Berlin of Australia. And they are right! So much street art and lovely decorated shops, bars and restaurants. It all looked very inviting. Also the people were warm-hearted and open-minded. Some hardcore hipsters were, of course, inevitable, but after all I will consider living here for a time.

Fanny was again with me, this time not dressed like Adam and Eva but with pullover and scarf. Compared with the east coast Melbourne has already quite some low temperatures in february. We went through a lot of Vinnies and second-hand Red Cross shops to find the perfect festival outfit for me.

This facility is home of a “Lentils as Anything” restaurant. One of five pay as you feel, not for profit vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney. Worth going!


This tree reminded me of my apartment back home in Berlin.

Again the Mantis Chrimp! It seems I’m not his only fan.
“Why the mantis shrimp is my favorite animal.”