East Coast – Ok, I’ve seen that

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When I had to sell Sheila, not only 4 wheels left. She was the symbol of freedom and independence for the time we’ve been together. I started realizing this, when I searched for the next stage to go. In a way I was fed up with the east coast and all the young backpackers just searching for the next place to get wasted.

The plan was to go back to the bigger cities to fill the bowl of honey that was quite empty after all the traveling. But jumping by plane from calm nature into the rush hour was also not what I had in mind. Of course there are also buses, hitchhiking, rental cars and other travelers. But to be on the dead end of the east coast enables another option I almost forgot about.

For many travelers Cairns is the end of their trip and they leave not only the city or even country by plane. They also leave their transportation, camping gear and other travel equipment behind. So the small city is like a beautiful abandoned beach with lots of valuable flotsam and jetsam. Car rental companies have the challenge to get back their cars to the more crowded places and therefore offer cheap conditions for people willing to return them.

The screenshot below shows that I had to pay a symbolical amount of $4 for 4 days as rent and even got $250 for fuel. With some insurances and $260 fuel costs in total, the fun of relocating a campervan costed me $122.

Pleasure of driving combined with good music was definitely the best choice of going back to seriousness of life. One day I even had a hoarse voice from singing all the time.


Interested in relocating rental cars? Here is one site that have almost all of them:
(be aware that this site loads slowly because you’re opening 10 sites at once)

And here are my best of relocation: