Sydney’s lights in Sydney’s nights

What would life be
without ecstasy?
For Medousa

Zest for life should be full of attraction,
but too often we experience rejection.
So low chance that love can survive,
if no one gives us even high five.
Why nobody is preaching raptures
in daily classes like lectures?
No soft dream can be born,
when we hear outside the storm.

So we walk tamed our line,
and let someone else define
how our lifes should be
with pleasure and misery.
With ecstasy we escape our fears
breathe free without burst into tears.
But too short are the nights
to overcome struggle and fights.
We consume breadcrumbs of hope,
by giving us a quick fix of dope.
We are trapped searching for salvation
and live lifes subsist on starvation.

The way out of the fiasco is hard to find,
but we don’t need eyes, we could be blind.
Purposeful, brave and strong willing,
is essential as truth and fulfilling.
We even don’t need to walk,
it’s easier to just talk
about our inner prison
which was our decision.
Nevertheless we like to keep it though,
maybe because we fear the after-show?