digitising europe

about the client
The “digitising europe summit” was the big opening conference for a series of smaller event at serveral European cities. Important stakeholders of policy, economy, science and education participated with keynote speeches, discussion rounds and cross-sectoral dialogues about the digitial transformation in the EU and beyond. German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave the opening speech.

about the project
In the event department of TRIAD I was responsible for the media content productions i.e. the opening video and several topic introductions. We even prepared augmented reality gadgets with video content underneath. I communicated with the client directly, collaborated with his partners and had up to 3 freelancers by my side.

about the venue
The Gasometer Schöneberg is an old gas storage tank. The flexible dome inside has to be lifted constantly with air and gives a unique acoustic experience. As a nice feature we had a surrounding acoustic and light installation by Korinsky in the inner ring between the dome membrane and the iron outer wall. (Due to terms of image licensing it is not allowed to publish photos from the inner ring)

Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications

Gasometer Schöneberg, Berlin, Germany

my role
motion design concept and production, graphic concept and design

video credits